Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our amazing clients had to say!

I’ve been with Realm Fitness for about 4 months and have really enjoyed the program’s Nick has done for me. The weekly check ins and motivation have really helped me get back on track with my fitness goals

Craig Prince

★★★★★ , 22 May • 11:08 pm

I’ve been training with Nick for nearly 3 years now and he continually finds ways to make training fun and enjoyable. Realm fitness has greatly improved my strength and power and overall fitness. I always look forward to my morning sessions and early morning banter. Would recommend Realm Fitness to everyone.

Kaitlin Barr

★★★★★ , 16 Feb • 10:17 pm

Needing a strength program as part of a broader Ironman training program, Nick was brilliant working through step by step my weekly training loads and developing specific sessions to ensure maximised outcomes. His sessions have been engaging and more than anything enjoyable – as much as it pains me to say it, he’s a great bloke! 

Nick Drake

★★★★★ , 03 Apr • 1:53 pm

Nick is very dedicated and passionate about health and fitness. He is always prepared and goes above and beyond to help me reach my fitness goals with his encouragement and good vibes! His professionalism, diligence and motivation has allowed me to reach my fitness goals.
Cherie Vickery

★★★★★ , 16 Feb • 7:37 pm

So far I’ve been with Realm Fitness since January. Over that time I’ve been seeing consistent results and receiving the support needed to be successful on my fitness journey. Nick has been a great coach and has always been positively motivating when I’ve really needed it.
James P

★★★★★ , 4 Jun • 12:05 pm

Nick brings high levels of energy to training, always pushing to get the best out of me. His programming understands my goals and his high-bar approach makes every session a challenge.
Kristina Hall

★★★★★ , 16 Feb • 9:50 am

Highly recommend for any field based athletes looking looking for strength programming that you really notice cross over to game play. I’ve been working with Nick for a couple of years and have seen big improvements, sessions are always fun!
Tom Ryan

★★★★★ , 14 Feb • 11:00 am

Nick is an awesome trainer who is highly motivated and inspiring. Great sessions targeted to your personal fitness goals.

Liz Ferguson

★★★★★ , 17 Feb • 12:54 pm

I’ve been training with Nick for 2 years and the energy he brings to sessions is unmatched. I’ve improved both in the weight room and on the field significantly. Couldn’t recommend Nick any higher. 

Reece Longstaff

★★★★★ , 11 Nov • 12:51 pm

I’ve been training with nick for the last couple of months in order to take my fitness to the next level.

Right from the initial consult, it was clear how incredibly knowledgeable Nick is about strength and conditioning. From goal setting, programming, form and technique, Nick understands how to quickly have you improving your performance.

Couple this with Nick’s genuine care and investment in your success and you have yourself an extremely rare breed of coach who is not only awesome at what he does, but really enjoyable to train with.

Matt Sampson

★★★★★ , 8 Aug • 8:28 pm

Nick is a very thorough knowledgeable trainer. Has great attention to technique and is motivating to say the least. Myself and my son are both keen sprinters and Nick has taken us to the next level in speed and development. I highly recommend Nick.
Mark Harris

★★★★★ , 16 Feb • 4:35 pm

Training with Nick is always going to be a fun session. You just know his passion is going to help you achieve your goals and smash your PBs. Training with him for 3 years, at a 5:30am start, absolutely every morning he is bright and chirpy and full of energy that is amazingly contagious. In our time training together, Nick has helped me increase my strength ability significantly, to be able to lift what I didn’t think I could, and has given me plenty of helpful cues to make sure I’m sprinting faster than I ever have.
Joanna Charaktis

★★★★★ , 27 Mar • 11:17 am

If you are looking for a motivated professional to help you realise your fitness goals, Nick is the guy. Always comes full of energy and wisdom to guide athletes to a better and more effective performance. We have been training with Nick for over a year now and he has helped my daughter to achieve State championship titles as well as world top 5 rankings in athletics. But I can highly recommend if you’re looking to add another dimension to your child’s training in any sport. Nick is amazing

Shelley Barlow

★★★★★ , 16 Feb • 10:38 am

Nick is by far one of the most knowledgable and passionate coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He brings a unique energy to training that helps me get the most out of my sessions, ensuring that I am physically ready to compete on the field. There is no coincidence that my best rugby achievements have come with Nick in my corner.

James Chand

★★★★★ , 10 Dec • 7:19 pm

Realm Fitness is fantastic.

I have a program tailored specifically to me, I even got the opportunity to mention exercises I loved and hated before my exercise program was created which was awesome.

The trainers have Bachelor Degrees in Exercise Science and really know their stuff, really care about you and are so motivating!

I would happily recommend Realm Fitness to others.

Michelle Drake

★★★★★ , 11 Feb • 11:06 pm

Nick is a great coach ! Been with him for over 6 months now , done sessions in real life as well as online (zoom). I have learnt a lot with Nick .I recommend joining realm fitness !
Alex Harris

★★★★★ , 11 Feb • 3:25 pm

As a professional coach myself I look for quality coaches, recommendations and understand there background, so I acquired Nick for a specialty area to work with my two teenage children for different reasons, Nick delivered an enjoyable training with results given, unfortunately the training ceased after 6 consistent weeks due to Covid. Time is an issue not the service should we be able to work something out in the future yes we would return to work on specific areas of development I requested.
Roselle Paraha

★★★★★ , 11 Feb • 8:01 pm

Nick has presented the business very professionally to the public and his clients, me being one of them I can confidently say he has a vast list of skills and advice for achieving your goals!

He’s understanding and can recognise injury and will alter workouts to suite you best but still make sure you’re making progress. He has good communication skills and and always puts his clients first.

I have been with nick since day one and haven’t regretted it since I will continue to work with nick because of his passion for me to be the best at what I want to achieve.

Jordan Komaromi

★★★★★ , 11 Feb • 2:16 pm

Have had the pleasure of coaching next to Nick while we were working at the same sports performance company for 2 years. Nick’s passion & energy that he brings to his sessions are above and beyond anything I have seen. Nick will make sure each and every session is your best one yet and have you smashing your goals in no time!
Mathew Dooley

★★★★★ , 16 Feb • 9:49 pm

I began training with Nick in my AFL off season to develop my overall speed, agility, strength and power. Nick made my training fun and exciting with his infectious energy every session. I felt that Nick understood my needs as an athlete and used his knowledge to not only correct but educate. I’ve since seen great improvements in my movement and can’t thank Nick enough!
Katie Lynch

★★★★★ , 02 Jun • 10:23 am

I’ve been training with head coach Nick for sometime now. I reached out to Realm for some help with my approach to endurance trail running. I had been struggling with holding my form for longer periods of time out on the trails and inevitably heading for injury. It didn’t take long to notice the intense attention to detail, along with the wealth of knowledge and dedication Nick has that I had struck gold in finally finding a coach to help me achieve this and now it’s all coming together nicely. I’m seeing such an improvement and able to sustain myself for longer periods of time, my body is so much stronger and holding things together beautifully, now I’m injury free and running stronger than I ever have – we train with purpose but we also have a lot of fun during the process!


★★★★★ , 16 Feb • 2:11 pm

Highly recommend Nick Longhurst from Realm Fitness. Not only is he a professional fitness coach, but also a great motivator and mentor. Nick inspires you to reach your full potential. Sport specific and tailored athlete programs focusing on quality technical training is what sets Realm apart from the rest.
Ray Andonovski

★★★★★, 22 May • 11:08 pm

I had the pleasure of working alongside Nick for near on 3 years. His knowledge, understanding and dedication towards the strength and conditioning industry is second to none. He’s had success with clients/athletes in the past and I’m looking forward to what he’s able to achieve with his clients moving forward.

Christopher Williams

★★★★★ , 16 Feb • 9:14 pm

I engaged Nick to assist with redeveloping strength and mobility after a shoulder injury. The programming I received was outstanding and exactly what I needed to get back to full capacity. After starting with a rehabilitation format, we moved into more advanced strength training that further complemented my goals. I would recommend Realm Fitness.

Simon O'Connor

★★★★★ , 11 Feb • 10:34 pm

Honestly, I have achieved so much training with nick. Coming out of iso and all my fitness and strength being completely gone, starting sessions at realm fitness made my comeback quick and better than before, a couple months out and already started hitting my PBs in weight and saw a drastic improvement with running times. Cannot recommend highly enough. Also helps that he’s a great bloke and his encouragement is everything!
Nasia Delis

★★★★★ , 11 Feb • 12:37 pm

Nick is a great coach, who has been coaching me for a couple of years. He has a constant energy and desire to develop any athlete to reach an elite level within their chosen sport. Within 2 years Nick has developed me to achieve my goals of taking my refereeing overseas whilst developing my strength and conditioning. I would recommend Nick to anyone who is looking to improve their performance in their chosen sport. 

William Quartermain

★★★★★ , 14 Apr • 4:06 pm

Nick is knowledgeable coach who cares about his athletes progress and success. His energy is always high, which makes for a great sessions
Blake Pearson

★★★★★ , 16 Feb • 10:42 am