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Don’t you just hate that feeling of walking into the gym and not knowing what to do, or who’s advice to trust?

Be guided by a team of professional coaches, supported in a community full of like minded people, to make true change in your life! All the tools you could ever need, all in one platform. Get the body you’ve dreamed of having!

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About Realm Fitness Academy

Realm Fitness academy is the opportunity for you to access elite-level programming, coaching, and training from some of the best coaches in the fitness industry. The best part? The academy is for anyone! We are here to help you achieve any fitness goal, whether you’re a seasoned gym veteran or just starting out. Everyone deserves the chance at becoming their healthiest and fittest self!


State of the art application 


Guidance from professional strength and conditioning coaches


Access to a plethora of videos, articles, and resources


Carefully designed and individualised performance programs, suitable for any goal, and any person

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This Is No Ordinary Online Coaching Program

Realm Fitness has helped people from all walks of life achieve a level of fitness they never thought possible. And now, you too can experience The Realm Fitness philopsophy regardless of your location, budget or experience.

We have created these membership to provide as much value as possible at a fraction of the cost of private coachin. When you opt for the premium membership, you will receive your own individualised program and your coach will check in on you weekly to make sure you are staying on track and crushing your training!

But what’s the real differece between Standard and Premium?

The base programs are for the standard membership. These pre-set programs cover a range of different athletic qualities and disciplines to improve on, with each program differing in duration, exercises, training style, equipment, environment and more.

The individualised programs are for the premium membership. In addition to having access to the base programs, you will gain access to your very own coach that will create a personalised program for you, based on your goals, equipment available, and more! The individualised programs will also involve regular touch points from your coach to check in and help keep you on track.

Personalised Program

Receive a completely individualised program based on your goals, timeline, access to equipment & training style. With a brand new program updated every 5x weeks.

Goal Setting Consultation

Hone in on your goals in an initial consultation, where we establish your purpose for training, the results you want to achieve, but most importantly, how to get you there!


Gain access to our private Facebook community where you can discuss all things fitness with our other members/coaches and feel supported on your journey.

300+ HD Videos

The academy has over 200+ HD videos and recipes for you to explore so you will never feel lost with your training again! From educational resources to our exercise database, it’s like having a PT in your pocket!

Training App

Complete access to the Realm Fitness Academy App, where you can see your program, record data from your sessions, communicate directly to your coach, view resources, tips & so much more!


Full open communication with our team to ensure you are staying on track, and are supported every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a contract with the weekly subscription, or can I cancel at any time?

Nope! There is no contract associated with the weekly subscription. You can cancel at any time via contacting

Q: How do I upgrade/downgrade between memberships?

You can change your membership option via the Realm Fitness academy app. Alternatively you contact and your account can be changed manually by our team. This process can up to anywhere between 1-3 business days.

Q: Do you write meal plans?

No. As strength and conditioning coaches, this is outside our scope of practice. However, the Realm Fitness academy does provide an extensive amount of resources and general advice to help you with your nutrition.

Q: How frequently will I receive contact from my coach in the Premium plan?
With the premium membership, you will receive your own individualised program and regular contact from your coach. Your coach will check in on you weekly to make sure you are staying on track and crushing your training!
Q: Can I pause my subscription?
No. The subscription is recurring until cancellation. If you cancel your membership but wish to re-join, this will require a second induction via the website.
Q: How long does the trial last for?
The free trial lasts for one month. This will give you access to a trial program, and some of the app’s features. Upon the completion of the one-month trial, payment will be required in order to continue your membership and training.

Realm Fitness Academy is for anyone ready to join a community of health-concious people who are setting & smashing their goals under the guidance and support of expert performance coaches. You can join any time, but your future self with thank you for starting today. JOIN NOW.